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The Meeting

In my surrender
strength is found.
Softness has a hidden power
that lights up in surrender.

Demanded obeisance is met
with melted resistance
and fires smolder and spark.
Ferocious beast meets gentle dove.

The meeting brings one into grace
and the other into strength.

strength and surrender
have met their match.


Peace Shatters Chaos

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 9.40.53 PM

Peace shatters chaos.
Let that truth penetrate you.
Peace is powerful.
Peace is potent.

Love’s unconditional light
shines with prejudice.
Why does it shine with prejudice?
Because unconditional love discriminates.
Unconditional love decides everyone is worthy of its glow.
Unconditional love

Then there is Grace.
Ah, Grace.
Grace is said to be power under control.
Cogitate on that.

Yielding to power.
Exhibiting trust by
and sometimes silence.


These words and states are not always associated with strength and power.
I daresay these are the most powerful expressions on our planet.

The Darkness Of Your Light

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I crave the darkness of your light.

Head bowed,
heart surrendered,

Graceful ferocity stills this disquieted soul.
Your strokes quell fear,
make passion fires roar,
and cause peace to descend
in my mind and body.

Pensive surrender is my gift to you.
Soul and body your instrument,
heart laid wide open.
Captive by choice.
Freely yours.
Freed to entrust every corner
of my being.

There is a depth to this mystery of surrender,
deeper than yet known.

My shadows are beginning to yield,
to bend without breaking,
to give without sense of loss,
to obey in spirit without reservation.

I crave the darkness of your light
and surrender.

I Surrender

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 12.47.09 PM

I surrender.

I surrender to my soul.
I surrender to my longing and hunger.
I surrender to my wide open heart.

I surrender.

I surrender to the power of surrendering.
I lean back into Surrender’s comforting arms
and relax.
I lean inward, falling into that place
of Surrender’s grace.

I surrender.
I surrender into the safety of my intuition
and the inner guidance which
when I listen.

I surrender.
I surrender to You.
I surrender into the space You craft just for me,
knowing what is needed and executing it with
confident control and precision.

I surrender to You.
I surrender to this sometimes sated
hunger for You.
I surrender to
Your power,
Your wisdom,
Your safety,
Your … sting.

I surrender.