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Sacred Wind

Sacred wind swirls through me
and setting free.

Cosmic blessings and light,
enraptured grace sparkles
clearing darkness’ feigned plight
and feinted blows.

Universal crescendo of power
burns through darkness
leaving trails of light
in velvety cave resplendent, aglow.

Love manifests in this symphony.
Nurtured, protected, honored.
You are safe in my velvety cave.
Heart held, sheathed in tender power,
protected by the ferocity of love
in purest form from spirit space.


Willing Receptacle

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 1.45.56 AM

“As love approaches, receive.”

This whispered message from within.
Breathing in and out watching the majestic blue stream
moving peace through me.
With each breath, peace grows.

Listening to the sound of Winter give way
to Spring as the earth breathes through me.
The pause of nature has awakened yet stillness reigns.

Feeling into this soundlessness,
I hear the music of silence in a new way.
Peace in stillness.
An inner quiet that speaks a language beyond words.
Here, God’s presence is exquisitely felt.

In this place, the poetry of my soul is in union
with all of creation and I gladly receive love.
No reservation, no hesitation.
Arms wide open, heart a willing receptacle.

Heart Chambers

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 12.00.46 AM

Fan the embers
containers of the flame
hidden in heart chambers.

Let me live deep on the inside
Let my heart be fully alive
Without division
Without reservation

Hope driven
Life loving
Happiness igniter
Love giver
Love receiver

One look
One taste
A single wish
A soul desire
To gaze on God’s beauty
All the days of my life

The Rising Moan

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 6.01.39 PM

The moan which cannot be heard
rises from my womb.
Fingertips clutch at bedclothes
channeling pain.
Earth writhing rhythms undulate
through inner cavern.

The place of pain and healing collide
erupting in transformation: joy!
The moan which cannot be heard
gives way to song.

It’s the song of returning to yourself.

Enter the cavern of transformation;
all are welcome within.

Rebirth Here Safely

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 8.23.13 PM

Stripped down.
I ooze with primal nurturing for your soul.
No barriers.
No should nots.
Present, pervasive offering.
A safe container to rebirth.
Enter my rawness.
I cradle you.
Loved as you are.
Faith for who you are becoming.
Grace for your process.
And oh so much love.

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This Day …

Heartful mysteries yell at me
from shattered pieces and parts.

Who could have known one heart could break
a thousand times and still not be
fully broken open?

I’m a mystery wrapped in a quandary
living in vast discovery and wide
open spaces of breathing and
seeing and knowing and

My heart is wide open and closed all at once.
How can this be?
It just is.

This day I’ve seen the majestic azure blue of my mind,
the crimson red passion of my heart,
the vivid golden glow of my core

This day, I’ve seen the cold grey clouds of
lies embraced
truth side stepped
fear alive
pain laughed at.

This day I’ve loved myself well enough to

And I continue to feel the death of all I know
and to sense the birthing of something

This day I have lived.
This day I have loved.

One step closer …

Moon Magic

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 11.15.06 PM

I am magic.
Sparkles of energy arise from me
and anoint You with peace and passion.

My touch stirs a volcanic river in You
which spreads like molten heat in
my velvety wetness.

My fingertips trace the edges of Your
rigid strength.

Shivers of ‘yes’ undulate through You
as my heart opens to the heat of Your

I am magic.
You are my sorcerer.
We fly through vaporous passages
conjoined in spirit, melded in flesh.