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Sick & Aroused

Yesterday’s write from my edging journal is below. I feel slightly better today although I’d love someone to fetch me a cup of hot tea, put a dimmer switch on the sun, and make fresh chicken soup for lunch. If you could also please catch the lizard my beloved cat is toying with, I’d appreciate that, too. I have no lizard liberating energy reserves at the moment, plus my cat looks exquisitely self-satisfied.

Sick and Aroused

“Sick” as in ill or unwell, not perverted.

I’m sick. Sinus infection that rounded back on me when I thought I had it handled. Vitamin C, grape seed extract, herbal teas and oil of oregano are doing their job on me to speed healing.

So where does edging fit in when one’s head is pounding from a sinus headache and infection?

It would seem that foregoing edging would be the wise option, yes?

But when you’ve been edging faithfully for 12 days and practicing 100% orgasm denial … that arousal doesn’t just take a hiatus because of a sinus infection.

Physically, I’m almost at the level of illness where edging could be set aside until the fever is gone, infection gone, headache gone.

So why write about it? Just be sick and get well then return to the rules of the challenge, right?

I am writing about it because I have never before been ill and still wanted to edge, masturbate or orgasm. Orgasm denial does something bizarre to the brain chemistry and body responses with arousal rising higher than the effects of illness. I woke up from a much needed nap this afternoon, feeling pressure in my sinuses, eyes with light sensitivity, cotton mouth, and a very wet pussy which was calling out for edging. I edged and fell back into that OTC sinus drug fog for another 90 minutes and actually felt a bit better upon waking.

You know how a wife complains that her husband wants sex no matter what, even if she is sneezing from a cold or has the flu? Today I became my own annoying husband. Oh, the irony. Men, I now fully get it. 🙂