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Day 23

The allure increases.
Steady roar and wild wet.
Feral edge queen rides.


The Verbal Meanderings & Incoherent Threats of an Aroused Edging Submissive Freak aka … a little rant.

Note: This is today’s morning write in my edging journal. Perhaps it will give someone in WordPress land a little chuckle. 😉


I will pay you $10,000 to come fuck me senseless. I request, pretty please, one orgasm after another for …. hm, let’s say 10 hours. Anyone? Anyone?

Oh, wait, never mind. You live too far away and I don’t have $10,000 to spare.

What’s that you just asked me? Orgasm Denial? Edging? Me? Yes, I am doing the #juNO30day challenge of unrelenting orgasm denial and edging torture devised by the evil James.

Ok, James is not evil. He’s actually quite awesome. Or at least he will be on July 1st. 😛 (Hi James!)

That’s how my Monday is going, people. If y’all send me any pervy private messages again, I will eat you for a snack and feed the leftovers to my pet alligator, Jetson. Yes, that’s his name in made up alligator land and you really don’t want to take me on about this right now. Jetson is mighty hungry.

And, yes, I’m a freakish submissive obedient little good girl denial slut.

I love you, too.

Wow, I feel so much better!

Little rant completed. It’s safe to come out now.

(Heh heh heh. “Oh Jetson …”)

P.S. I think Day 12 is going rather well, don’t you? :PpPpP