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The Meeting

In my surrender
strength is found.
Softness has a hidden power
that lights up in surrender.

Demanded obeisance is met
with melted resistance
and fires smolder and spark.
Ferocious beast meets gentle dove.

The meeting brings one into grace
and the other into strength.

strength and surrender
have met their match.


Safe Space

On Tumblr, @instructor144 said: An important thing that the young/new Doms don’t get. D/s is not something that a Dom “does to” his sub. It’s something she “does to” HERSELF. She is not dictated to; she is simply wrapped in a cocoon of safety in which she can exercise her volition to embrace what she WANTS to do and WANTS to be. No mean feat, constructing that safe space in which the sub can, paradoxically, feel “free.”

My thoughts : So perfectly stated. When I feel safe as a submissive, I also feel safer to explore kinks I’ve said ‘no’ to before. When You make me feel safe, I can trust You to manage how I experience Your kinks … and maybe they will become my kinks, too. I can devote obedience to You with the deepest respect, not pandering cowardice or fear, or worse, needy insecurity. I can trust You to hear me, see me, and still be fully in control because mastery and control are who You are. I surrender my fear and step into Your space freely even if I shake with anxiety because I trust You to be in charge of keeping the safe space.


I wrote this some time ago but chose to not publish it. Somehow it feels like a sacred sexual offering and I wish it to be received as such. That desire and understanding came to focus as I re-read it this evening. Perhaps men, those of you in need of sexual healing, will feel these words wash through you and sense the healing flow move through you?

I am a submissive woman and I am a powerful healer. At times, these two aspects of me merge and my gifts are surrendered together in the deepest of humility with extraordinary power.

Your cock.

Breathing on it. Hot, slow breaths.

Gentle licks and nibbles on the perineum. Tongue tip circling your anus, dipping in now and then, while gently holding the base of your cock and slightly squeezing.

Tongue tip circles on your balls.

What gives YOU the most pleasure? Where do you want my attention?

What makes your cock feel worshiped? A long, slow handjob? Attention to your glorious shaft?

Does your cock feel worshiped while slowly fucking my breasts with me gazing up at you?

Does your cock feel worshiped plunging in and out of my cunt?

Does your cock feel worshiped buried in my tight ass?

I wish to serve you, serve your cock, in worshipful presence and respect.

If fucking my ass makes your cock feel worshiped, I will take the pain gladly. For hours.

And hours.

Slow, deep strokes.

Or pounding, angry thrusts.

Want to rid yourself of the angst of disappointment? Furious and need an outlet, a release for all that angst?

Pound me, angry fuck me. Until your anger melts.

Then I will hold you, kiss your brow, stroke your cheek, and look deeply into your eyes with unwavering love and respect.

Want your cock touched with worshipful, present strokes while my eyes pay homage to you, your person, your heart?

Or maybe the worship you desire is slapping my face with your cock? Me, kneeling between your legs and your hard cock slapping my forehead, cheeks and lips with your angry, hard cock!

Even now, my cunt clenches in anticipation of worshipping your cock, giving you the release and pleasure and power expression you deserve. Serving you is its own reward.

Anais Nin Lifts Me Once Again

It has been a season of quiet for me, in writing and in real life. Other than work with my dear clients and experimenting with watercolors again, life is purposely quiet. Oh, and of course I’ve continued work-related activities to expand my financial horizons. An orgasmic goddess must eat after all. And I’m burning to travel which means the coffers must increase.

My soul needs this sabbatical of spacious personal awareness. My soul is adjusting, healing, transmuting and becoming more in alignment with my entire being. Sabbaticals are full of restorative magic.

Whilst pondering many things, I’ve wondered how to express my submissive self. My inner core increases in strength and I’ve wondered if I were actually a sub anymore? Or maybe that I didn’t ‘need’ it anymore? But that doesn’t feel right. I still crave the delicious allure of a Dominant man and the safe harbor offered my submissive heart. I love serving, pleasing, and bringing pleasure to a Dom. I love watching his Dominance flourish and expand his heart, mind, soul and entire being.

But I’m growing in STRENGTH and VOICE and sheer FORCE of NATURE and CREATIVE JUICINESS. Thus my doubts, ponderings upon whether or not I’d entered the zone of ‘too much’ for any Dominant man to want to engage with me.

My ponderings led me back to Anais Nin. Ah, the soul-soothing words of a fellow Dominance-desiring woman. How could I doubt my true nature?

I do not want to be the leader. I refuse to be the leader. I want to live darkly and richly in my femaleness. I want a man lying over me, always over me. His will, his pleasure, his desire, his life, his work, his sexuality the touchstone, the command, my pivot. I don’t mind working, holding my ground intellectually, artistically; but as a woman, oh, God, as a woman I want to be dominated. I don’t mind being told to stand on my own feet, not to cling, be all that I am capable of doing, but I am going to be pursued, fucked, possessed by the will of a male at his time, his bidding.
–Anais Nin

Wildly I Surrender

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 6.26.39 PM

I cannot be tamed.
Why would you want to tame me?
My surrender is wild and holy, freely given.
Mold me.
Shape me.
Craft me and use me for your pleasure.
Your dominant core is the foundation for my surrender.
I lay my surrender willingly at your feet.
My wildfire dances for your pleasure as you beckon it forth.
Your dominance fans the flame of my wild surrender
making me quake for more of your ferocity as my guide post.
Bend me.
Fill me.
Or leave me still and silent.
This is your choice alone because it is you to whom I surrender.
Even my pleasure only becomes alive because you are pleased first to allow it.
Without your pleasure, my obedience falls like ash
soon lost and scattered in the wind.

It is your surrender that I find most elegant.
How do you do that?
This power-wielding ferocity grows tender once spent,
yet never for a moment do I doubt your authority.

Perhaps, if I search diligently within I will find more to surrender to your service and pleasure.

The Joy of Sting

Some thoughts on how spanking is a pleasure for me and how I desire to receive it.

Some thoughts on being a submissive for a powerful Master.

Some thoughts on being a powerful woman who is honored to be present and available to a powerful man.

Open-hand spanking is my preference. Powerful hand on bare skin. The sensation of flesh-on-flesh is enticing. Knowing the strength of the one to whom I choose to submit is providing that sting … makes me wet and releases and erotic energy that is delicious and powerful. I am humbled, opened up and empowered all at the same time.

Over the knee? Oh my yes.
Bent over chair or coach? Of course!
Bent over table? Yes, please.
Suspended? If you are really good at it, yes.
In stockade? Yes, if I trust you deeply and this is what you desire, yes.
Hands tied? Your choice.
Soft floggers? Yes, please.

The following is what I do not like / enjoy / or presently wish to experience during a spanking. I am always willing to try something once, though, so do not read this as a ‘no’. If I trust you, I will yield to your desire that I try something new.

Belts, Boards, Hair brushes or Paddles? No. My parents used those on my behind to discipline me and I have no desire to think about them when I’m hoping a spanking leads to sex, lovemaking, fucking, further sexual training, etc.
Whips? No.
Canes? Currently an absolute ‘no’. See paragraph above, though. If this is an absolute kink of yours and you are my Master, I will experience it once under your care because I trust you and we can discover if my no changes.
Cat 9? Same as above. Although … pretty sure this is always gonna be a no.

Please don’t use spankings to punish me. Ever. Spanking provides me with a deep emotional connection, a relaxing of my mind and body, and a yielding of something to you inside I cannot even name. Don’t punish me this way. I know for some it is a joyous kinky punishment and I am glad you enjoy it. Not for me.

If you must ‘punish’ me and associate it with spanking – then withhold the spanking. Simple. And pure torture. Trust me, withholding a spanking that we’ve planned on and I was looking forward to, yeah, huge punishment. And, hopefully, this will only be used sparingly as punishment because I intend to be very, very good and not require punishment. You will be delighted with how deeply and genuinely I love serving you.

My pain / pleasure play is linked. Punishment feels shaming. Within BDSM and outside of BDSM, I find shame to be counterproductive to growth and intimacy and certainly counterproductive to one’s self-esteem and self-improvement. I am sensitive to the fact that some people find humiliation a kink they like to experience and I respect that. But it is not for me.

I am not a slave. I am a submissive with some slave tendencies (!) but I have limits which are healthy for my heart, my mind, my spirit and my body.

I am strong willed and yet I yield with grace and surrender with deep purity and without motive. Or maybe its better said: my motive is to genuinely and deeply serve, surrender and bring the deepest possible mental, emotional, spiritual and physical pleasure to my Master.

Though I wish to be sheltered and protected, held safely and ‘controlled’ firmly, I am powerful and know how to love and give with grace and unswerving dedication. Its not an unhealthy, simpering service I give. The core of my surrender is fueled with intense power crafted throughout a lifetime of overcoming trauma, adversity and a lot of crap! I can hold my own like a lioness defending her young. I can relax and yield like a newborn lamb in need of nurturing care. I can seduce and pleasure like a wanton woman uncaged and in full erotic wisdom. I can be a canvas for your pleasure, every hole a place of service and every stroke one that brings peace and magnificent fiery response for us both.

I am a wise counselor and intensely intelligent and creative consultant.

I care not just because you are my Master or ‘the Dom’. I care because its who I am. I love people because people are amazing and worthy of love and adoration.

To be the object of my adoration and love is not to have a cloying, insecure submissive begging (unless that’s part of our play!) to get from you what should be part of my inner strength as an individual. It means I believe in you, I have your back. I know you will have bad days and I need to step up on those days and offer you strength in whatever way best serves you and pleases you as a dominant man and Master. Do you need your face stroked and for me to look deep into your eyes and tell you how magnificent I experience you to be? Do you need me to quietly sit at your feet and just be with you? Do you want a massage? Do you want your cock worshipped because you are a man and your cock should be worshipped, not just because I’m ‘your’ submissive or you are my ‘Master’?

I am more than a submissive woman who loves having her ass spanked liberally and frequently.

And …

I really really really really love having my ass spanked. 🙂

My last regular Dom (versus occasional play partners) said he noticed spanking was like Xanax for me. I have social anxiety in crowds that I manage well when I have to be in a crowd … but I’m also really good at avoiding crowd situations! His job required us to do fairly regular socializing. We were going out one night and we’d just had an intense play and training session prior to leaving. He said he noticed how calm and relaxed I seemed all evening and that I didn’t seek him out as much (that evening) for reassuring touches or the reassurance of his presence when we would temporarily get separated during around-the-room visiting. Without telling me of his post-spanking observation, he made sure we had another spanking session before our next social event and noted the same effects on me. He tried it a third time to be sure there were no coincidences and found the same calming effect spanking had on me prior to busy crowd situations.

Until my Master told me of the three post-spanking scenarios above, I had no idea the amount of mental and emotional calm a spanking brought me. I just knew it was a huge turn-on and a lovely part of experiencing a man’s power and domination.

I suspect spanking releases calming hormones in my brain and body and the part of me that gets overexcited and uptight in social situations is naturally medicated with the post spanking euphoria!

Makes my pussy get wet and ass sting in anticipation just thinking about it …