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I wrote this some time ago but chose to not publish it. Somehow it feels like a sacred sexual offering and I wish it to be received as such. That desire and understanding came to focus as I re-read it this evening. Perhaps men, those of you in need of sexual healing, will feel these words wash through you and sense the healing flow move through you?

I am a submissive woman and I am a powerful healer. At times, these two aspects of me merge and my gifts are surrendered together in the deepest of humility with extraordinary power.

Your cock.

Breathing on it. Hot, slow breaths.

Gentle licks and nibbles on the perineum. Tongue tip circling your anus, dipping in now and then, while gently holding the base of your cock and slightly squeezing.

Tongue tip circles on your balls.

What gives YOU the most pleasure? Where do you want my attention?

What makes your cock feel worshiped? A long, slow handjob? Attention to your glorious shaft?

Does your cock feel worshiped while slowly fucking my breasts with me gazing up at you?

Does your cock feel worshiped plunging in and out of my cunt?

Does your cock feel worshiped buried in my tight ass?

I wish to serve you, serve your cock, in worshipful presence and respect.

If fucking my ass makes your cock feel worshiped, I will take the pain gladly. For hours.

And hours.

Slow, deep strokes.

Or pounding, angry thrusts.

Want to rid yourself of the angst of disappointment? Furious and need an outlet, a release for all that angst?

Pound me, angry fuck me. Until your anger melts.

Then I will hold you, kiss your brow, stroke your cheek, and look deeply into your eyes with unwavering love and respect.

Want your cock touched with worshipful, present strokes while my eyes pay homage to you, your person, your heart?

Or maybe the worship you desire is slapping my face with your cock? Me, kneeling between your legs and your hard cock slapping my forehead, cheeks and lips with your angry, hard cock!

Even now, my cunt clenches in anticipation of worshipping your cock, giving you the release and pleasure and power expression you deserve. Serving you is its own reward.


Gratitude … A Song In My Body

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 1.23.10 PM

Gratitude is like a song in my body.
Generous upwellings of service and love flow forth.

Bowing at your feet I pay homage
to the beauty of you,
your depth, your cracks and fault lines,
your mountains of Dominant caress
and stings of comforting control.

What will you create next?
What will your mind see that others’ do not?
How is your gracious strength given so well?
What part of your power quakes like a frightened child
as you hold my vulnerability in velvet covered iron
and soft pillowy comfort?

Gratitude is like a song in my body.
Your notes intermingle with mine and the notes of others
as we form the crescendo of life.

How Far Down The Rabbit Hole?

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What space may I hold
to invite you deeper still
in satiation?

What dark craving may I satisfy
that frees your heart to heal
in peace encased freedom?

How far down the rabbit hole
must we go to achieve the perfect
‘now’ for healing to occur?

Lest you find these questions
laced with impatience or lacking humility, know this well:
the love of your submissive Priestess is unconditional

Love. The one thing in this life that never fails.

Just One More …

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 7.38.12 AM

Just one more taste.

Before summer comes and springs melts away,
I reach beneath the frost covering your heart
and claim this moment.
Free fall with me.

Just one more touch.

Drifting and dreaming with you,
feeling the depth of heart and soul fire
that cannot be smothered by pain.

Just one more moment.

Collapsing into strength, I will catch you
where air and fire meet, life is lived,
breath is felt and the heat of now
creates a new space within.

Just one more …