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Edging Update aka Explosive Pleasure

For the few of you following my (possibly TMI) experimental personal challenge in edging*, an update is offered.

Never have I purposely edged for a prolonged period of time. Frankly, I’m quite a fan of orgasms. Yet, the #juno30days challenge I found on Tumblr enticed me to join the women doing the challenge and I’m happy I did.

The only time I have experienced this much arousal in my life was a few years ago when in a D/s relationship with a wonderful Dom. He made orgasm denial a regular part of our play and edging was exquisite with him.

#juno30days has been an emotional rollercoaster along with intoxicating and even addictive levels of arousal. The required minimum 3 edges of day, according to challenge rules, soon turned into far more times of edging in a day.

A Dom friend kindly gave me a few assignments that enhanced the edging experience, too. One particularly long and challenging assignment seemed to drive me into the coveted ‘subspace’ of arousal and overstimulation on every level. For many days afterward, my body reminded me of Him and His intense challenge every time I sat down or moved a certain way. The pleasure from that assignment lasted way longer than the actual time assigned to it.

A few days into the #juno30days challenge, the rabid need for an orgasm left me and arousal was all I wanted. At one point during this challenge, I considered prolonging orgasm denial well beyond the end of the challenge.

Then a shift came yet again. This last week, I found my emotions rather distressed. The longing for an orgasm returned in the extreme about 4 days ago. Tension built in my body and heavy emotions grew and began to outpace the luscious arousal of edging. A not happy and somewhat desperate feeling grew in me. As I am normally not unhappy, or desperate emotionally, or insecure, this was a miserable state to be in, particularly as it was self-imposed.

So, today, Day 25 of the #juno30days edging challenge, I enjoyed fantastically explosive orgasms several times. The built up tension in my body and emotions immediately dissipated to be replaced by happiness, bliss and what I call lovely ‘yesness’ moving through me. Even a few hours later, I feel energized, tingly and aroused.

I’m glad I didn’t force myself to complete 30 days just to stick to the challenge. In the past, I’d not have let myself end early feeling it would be a mark of failure. Fortunately, the wisdom of ending a few days early won over self-imposed competitiveness.

I learned some things about myself during this time of edging:
– edging is an incredibly powerful tool of pleasure and arousal, more than I previously perceived
– constant sexual arousal is addictive (for me) and rather hard to manage around work, business and relationships!
– I can get out of balance with edging without guidance
– emotions are more strongly affected and manipulated by sexual arousal than I previously understood
– I willingly (and eagerly?) cooperate with and even desire engaging in sexual activities which were previously a hard ‘no’ when I’m wildly aroused during edging time periods
– I am probably better suited for long-term orgasm denial when in a steady D/s relationship, i.e., either in-person lover or steady LDR

The practice of edging will remain part of my pleasure experience when I wish it.

One of the biggest surprises for me during this challenge was my willingness to complete the assignment from my Dom friend which held a few things I’ve firmly said ‘no’ to in the past when asked by others. I.E. mild pain and anal play / sex. Heightened arousal created a willingness in me that still surprises me.

When I am blessed with another D/s relationship, I hope edging and orgasm denial plays a big role in it. The giving and serving part of me loves yielding the power of pleasure to my Dom in the way which suits him.

I strongly recommend exploring the art of edging for pleasure either on your own or with a partner. The arousal may make you purr.

Perhaps edging will rekindle tamped down fires between long-term partners. How lovely would that be? I read many accounts of just that from others participating in the #juno30days challenge.

* In case the term ‘edging’ is unfamiliar to you, this simply means the act of either giving one’s self sexual pleasure or receiving sexual pleasure from another whilst stopping just before orgasm occurs. The intended purpose is to increase and prolong one’s state of arousal and pleasure. In the D/s world, orgasm denial is a powerful tool between Dom and submissive on many different levels. Google the term or search ‘female orgasm denial’ on Tumblr for more information.


Sick & Aroused

Yesterday’s write from my edging journal is below. I feel slightly better today although I’d love someone to fetch me a cup of hot tea, put a dimmer switch on the sun, and make fresh chicken soup for lunch. If you could also please catch the lizard my beloved cat is toying with, I’d appreciate that, too. I have no lizard liberating energy reserves at the moment, plus my cat looks exquisitely self-satisfied.

Sick and Aroused

“Sick” as in ill or unwell, not perverted.

I’m sick. Sinus infection that rounded back on me when I thought I had it handled. Vitamin C, grape seed extract, herbal teas and oil of oregano are doing their job on me to speed healing.

So where does edging fit in when one’s head is pounding from a sinus headache and infection?

It would seem that foregoing edging would be the wise option, yes?

But when you’ve been edging faithfully for 12 days and practicing 100% orgasm denial … that arousal doesn’t just take a hiatus because of a sinus infection.

Physically, I’m almost at the level of illness where edging could be set aside until the fever is gone, infection gone, headache gone.

So why write about it? Just be sick and get well then return to the rules of the challenge, right?

I am writing about it because I have never before been ill and still wanted to edge, masturbate or orgasm. Orgasm denial does something bizarre to the brain chemistry and body responses with arousal rising higher than the effects of illness. I woke up from a much needed nap this afternoon, feeling pressure in my sinuses, eyes with light sensitivity, cotton mouth, and a very wet pussy which was calling out for edging. I edged and fell back into that OTC sinus drug fog for another 90 minutes and actually felt a bit better upon waking.

You know how a wife complains that her husband wants sex no matter what, even if she is sneezing from a cold or has the flu? Today I became my own annoying husband. Oh, the irony. Men, I now fully get it. 🙂

The Verbal Meanderings & Incoherent Threats of an Aroused Edging Submissive Freak aka … a little rant.

Note: This is today’s morning write in my edging journal. Perhaps it will give someone in WordPress land a little chuckle. 😉


I will pay you $10,000 to come fuck me senseless. I request, pretty please, one orgasm after another for …. hm, let’s say 10 hours. Anyone? Anyone?

Oh, wait, never mind. You live too far away and I don’t have $10,000 to spare.

What’s that you just asked me? Orgasm Denial? Edging? Me? Yes, I am doing the #juNO30day challenge of unrelenting orgasm denial and edging torture devised by the evil James.

Ok, James is not evil. He’s actually quite awesome. Or at least he will be on July 1st. 😛 (Hi James!)

That’s how my Monday is going, people. If y’all send me any pervy private messages again, I will eat you for a snack and feed the leftovers to my pet alligator, Jetson. Yes, that’s his name in made up alligator land and you really don’t want to take me on about this right now. Jetson is mighty hungry.

And, yes, I’m a freakish submissive obedient little good girl denial slut.

I love you, too.

Wow, I feel so much better!

Little rant completed. It’s safe to come out now.

(Heh heh heh. “Oh Jetson …”)

P.S. I think Day 12 is going rather well, don’t you? :PpPpP

Tumult: Glorious Torture

Tumult of confused arousal
drives forward sensate magic.
The dervish of edging renders
my exquisite intelligence surrendered
to Your power.
Anything. Any task.
This electrical, mystical connection
to growing power and intuitive shimmers
of life. This is that.
The craving shivers to know more,
feel more, taste more, be more,
powered by surrender.
Had I only known sooner …
Glorious torture.


Art note:
To distract myself from arousal (and to learn), I enjoy reading about the work of various artists, viewing their physical work in books, online, or in person on the rare occasions such opportunities occur.   I also like to copy others’ work as a way to grow my own abilities and to understand what others produce.  The above painting is a copy of one done by Rassouli, so I claim no originality other than my paint, rags and brushes produced an amateur attempt to copy one of his originals.

Freydoon Rassouli is magical and I aspire to one day possess even a scintilla of the mystical beauty he creates on canvas.