In my ever evolving life, I find much has changed since I began this blog in April of 2015. What has not changed is my deep love of writing and poetry. I had no idea so many poems were just waiting to be freed from my heart! Wow!

In recent months, I’ve become fascinated with the challenge of writing haiku which seems to be dominating my blog at the moment.

Another thing that has not changed about me in the past year is a deep yearning to go higher, deeper and wider into spiritual experiences and understanding. Every part of my being longs to experience God on the deepest level possible and to have that unconditional love flow through me at all times.

I’m not sure I can call myself a Christian anymore, though! I’ve even removed the word from my blog title a few times to see how it would feel. The jury is still out on that one. My Christian experience has been one of incredible beauty and growth. The transformation and constant inspiration I’ve drawn from that experience moves me deeply still, daily. Love of Jesus, God and Holy Spirit is no less, and, in fact, is deeper than ever! So why the dilemma? Its the label, “Christian”, and all the limitations it seems to impose.

In our world, people often partition themselves off into “family”, “work”, “friends”, “sex”, “spiritual life”, and so on. I’ve never been able to compartmentalize my spiritual life away from the rest of my life. I don’t want to! But in many spiritual circles, particularly Christian circles, sex is separated, hushed, somewhat taboo, often shamed. This is not natural, not helpful, and counterintuitive to life.

So, I write as I wish and invite everyone, including any Christian readers, to consider the utter beauty of our sexuality and the expression thereof in the way which rings true for you.

NOTE: All blog content is copyright protected 2015-2017. Unless otherwise noted, all poetry, haiku and general writings are original and authored by me, “Orgasmic Secrets”, my chosen pen name for this blog.


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  1. Grandtrines

    Absolutely SUPER blog! Love your work. Many of us are wrestling with the kinds of issues you describe. Divorcing your self from your sexuality never brings any good in the end. It is a core part, maybe “the” core part, of who we are. My blog Risque Bizness is a “pinup” blog, but, make no mistake about it, I am quite aware that the concept of the “fertility goddess” pre-dates history and exists in one form or another in any “sufficiently large” group of human beings. Even the incarcerated create such roles within their midst. And, as an aside, I hail from a Christian background, also, but must admit that I find Western metaphysics (i.e. Western Occultism, primarily out of Europe and stemming primarily from Hebrew traditions, and Egypt before that) to be quite compelling. That said, you might also like my blogs at grandtrines.wordpress.com and https://lostdudeistastrology.wordpress.com The latter, Lost Dudeist Astrology, began as a “joke” and morphed into an exploration of what Carl Jung called the “Shadow.” The primarily focus is Western Occult topics (Astrology, Tarot, and Numerology, primarily), and those, in turn, are means to access sides of ourselves, sometimes, that otherwise remain hidden.

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  2. orgasmicsecrets Post author

    Thank you for the lovely feedback, @GrandTrines. It’s interesting to hear how others with a Christian background process their experiences and perceptions of spirituality and sexuality.

    I’ve been poking around a bit on your GrandTrines blog and enjoying the trip. I’ll check out the other blog, too.



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