Edging: Day 5

Wet, denied pussy.
Orgasm, you will not win.
Edging: Day 5 done.

(lamest haiku ever)
(what is expected from an edging woman?)
(will the haikus get worse than this over the next 25 days of edging?)


10 thoughts on “Edging: Day 5

  1. Our Life In 3D

    Your blog / journal post this morning was so amusing. I had to break my 30 day #NOcommenting experiment and add some satire. I was thinking about you and your quest this weekend. I had to make a hard long drive on Saturday. I pulled out some old CD’s to listen to and this song came on.

    The thought of your blog came instantly to me and your ongoing arousals and denials (and amusing tales) But I had to focus. It was raining. My drive was wet and very slippery. It was hard to keep it straight and on the road sometimes. I heard this song a few times over the long wet drive. I thought you might enjoy the song too. ~ Good luck with your self-learning. Again that amusing post (that seemed to disappear) made me just want to reach out and poke you once and offer support. Thanks for sharing your stories. Continued good luck.

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    1. orgasmicsecrets Post author

      Awww, thank you for the supportive words of encouragement … and for your teasing text. The head bouncing tune is the icing on the cake. 🙂

      The post you mention that mysteriously ‘disappeared’ was due to a sudden fit of insecurity over how much I’m sharing about this intimate mind-bending act of edging and orgasm denial. In fact, I almost removed all my edging posts. I’ll suck it up and put back the removed post.

      Even though I write erotic poetry and publish it here regularly, I’m feeling extra vulnerable from sharing this edging journey. I’m also feeling a bit silly from my explosive unpredictable erotic thoughts and sensations and somewhat humorous rants. I like the edginess (no pun intended, really) of sharing my inner workings but they aren’t normally quite this snarky and smart-ass over many days time. My normal composure has slipped off to be replaced by a hot mess of horny woman.

      Mostly, I wish I could convey the new awareness I’m having over the spiritual aspect of sex, orgasm, edging and so on. I almost quit the #juno30days challenge yesterday because it felt like I was starting to swim in lust rather than the pleasure of erotic sensations and the powerful energy of arousal. Finally, a bit of balance has entered in the past 24 hours. It has oddly helped that I’m feeling a bit under the weather and so rabid edging isn’t quite as appealing. Though I’m not sick enough to not edge. Just sayin’.

      I’m truly grateful you broke your 30-day #NOcommenting experiment to encourage me. It has really made a difference. True encouragement and humor have a way of doing just that. ❤

      Lots of love.

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      1. ourlifein3d

        Well the story was true, of hearing this song on my drive and thinking about your denial. ~the song is from my youth. I am a child of the 70s. But I wondered if I dare leave such lengthy comments. But your post was just so much fun and over the top. It is a real honor to watch your evolution here. You write of it in such fun ways. And I don’t see your verses as snarky but possibly more the real you and not the person you want to convey on your blog(?). They are a treat, as is all your work. But I don’t want to go to long here. Im glad you saw my comment for what it was….a fun tease. I have more. You would honor me w a quick, short comment on my blog. Thanks again for sharing Ms Christian Goddess. Lots of love is returned.

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      2. orgasmicsecrets Post author

        Your comments of any length are always welcome.

        I have this bizarre self-prejudice that my humor will take away from my erotic and submissive self, yet the opposite seems always to be true from feedback like yours. I’ve allowed myself to be overly affected by a few Dominant men who interpreted my quick wit with lack of submission and / or sometimes disrespectful. Not true. My fully expressed self is a combination of erotic wantonness AND the smart aleck, quick-witted unfiltered spontanaiety shown more of late.

        When I started this blog it was an experimental outlet for the erotic prose that had begun to spring from my heart and energy with little provocation. I had no idea how much content I would generate since I’d written almost zero poetry prior to launching this blog. A previously untapped creative resource has become a permanent expression for me and I’m so grateful for this.

        The recent edging escapade is giving apparent voice to the Snarky Sub of Many Opinions and Silly Humor within. Rather enjoyable for me. I didn’t realize I had other writing voices. Who knows what will pop up next?!

        I shall make a trip to your blog and comment and endeavor to not be lazy about that in the future. xoxo

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    1. orgasmicsecrets Post author

      @ourlifein3d : Apologies for the long delay in reply. I’ve been on a WP break. 🙂

      Did you read my post about when I ended the edging experiment? It was lovely while it lasted … and wonderful to explode back into orgasms!

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  2. ourlifein3d

    That was wonderful. I wondered if another Dom stepped in and asked you to stop being public with your erotic experience, and keep His commands between the two of you. I like your line that you craved the arousal more than the orgasms. For me that is the way it is… Hoping for endless arousal. Well done Ms. Goddess. It’s great to see you writing again.



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