Edging Experiment – Want to Dom Me Through It?

This is a small departure from the erotic writings of haiku and poems. But not a departure from the erotic.

I enjoy Tumblr from time to time and have (another) anonymous blog there with mostly images of things I find erotic and sexually luscious to look at.

In scrolling through my Tumblr feed a few days ago, I ran across a blog about female orgasm denial. Huge fantasy of mine that was allowed briefly a number of years ago. I had a princely Dom play partner who loved to torment me with orgasm denial as punishment. Being an excessively orgasmic woman, orgasm denial became a delicious torture. It was an amazing D/s relationship. He taught me a great deal, as well as being the catalyst for much healing.

To the point of this post.

I have entered into a 30-day orgasm denial process at female-orgasm-denial.tumblr.com (#juNo30days). Today is day 4 and today I also started a private online journal to write about the 30 days on this journey.

As I’ve become very adept at hands-free orgasms and energetic orgasms, this orgasm denial will be a feat of epic self-control and awareness!

What I’m looking for is a few Dominant men, (but a Dom female would be a fun adventure, too) who will be given access to my edging / orgasm denial journal. I am requesting you assign me tasks, if you wish, that increase the challenge of me edging (no orgasms allowed) for the remaining days of the challenge. The rules of the challenge I’ve agreed to are here. Suggested punishments for cumming (accidentally!) are here. I will be honest in my naughty private journal and will confess if I orgasm while edging or if I have any ruined orgasms while edging. (It is truly amazing that I have made it 4 whole days. FOUR DAYS!)

I have a life which includes work and client hours 5 days a week, so be mindful of that, please, if you wish to assign me tasks. I’m already edging 3 x a day as agreed upon with the challenge. Would you like to add to the mix? Make me edge more? (Ok, I’m not giving you any more ideas I may have to live with.)

What’s in it for you? You will have voyeuristic access to my private thoughts and experiences edging. I promise it will be honest and candid. I’ve been trying to think of something else to offer you in exchange for your valuable time and Dominant goodness and am (uncharacteristically) not having an inspired idea at the moment. Perhaps your voyeuristic viewing of my journal and the ability to enhance my edging with consequences if I orgasm is enough? Perhaps teasing me with erotic banter and maybe provocative images will delight you enough? Or make a suggestion.

Of course, journal entries will include reports on completion of any assigned tasks and what happened while doing tasks.

Please make your interest known in the comment section below, including how to contact you privately with my URL for my Tumblr edging / orgasm denial blog. If we have previously corresponded privately, you are also welcome to email me directly about your desire to Dom me during the edging challenge.

Please don’t leave me hanging! Or should I say please please please don’t leave me edging all on my own?! Respond, please. Yes, I’m begging. It only seems appropriate.


4 thoughts on “Edging Experiment – Want to Dom Me Through It?

    1. orgasmicsecrets Post author

      Dear atheisticart,

      Pardon the span of time between your comment and my reply. I’ve been taking a break from WordPress. 🙂

      I don’t try to reconcile my spiritual beliefs and ‘kinky sex’. Not anymore that is. There was a time …

      Most unfortunately, there are a lot of man made doctrines that are ‘inspired’ outside the scope of the bible. While I am not a theologian, I am a well-read and well-studied woman who has been through the bible cover to cover multiple times. My bible study has not been compulsory. It’s from a genuine love of learning what God has to say. The problem in Christianity in general (which was invented) is the varied interpretations of the bible and, sometimes, misapplication of it’s meaning. I’m weary of the dung piles of ego surrounding these interpretations and no longer engage in them.

      My barometer is: “Do I feel shame or guilt before God when I’m engaged in (fill in the blank)?” If I feel shame or guilt, I figure out if it is real, self-imposed, something learned elsewhere and take care of healing that wound or incorrect thinking. If I feel no shame or guilt, no harm no foul, and I carry on.

      I’m imperfect as is every person on the planet. I’ve labored in thought and prayer over many things in my life. My life is spiritual first and everything else comes after that. This makes me happy and feels right for me.

      And part of my life includes a love of kinky sex. I don’t believe in or engage in sex of any kind just for the sake of having sex. When I’m sexually intimate with someone, it is mindful, intentional AND very, very delicious and erotic. Sometimes that includes kink, sometimes not. Always it includes a lack of shame or guilt. I’ll let the dark-minded judgmental types sort it out on their dime. (By the way, that comment is not aimed at Christians only. It’s aimed at all who are judgmental and dark-minded.) I wasted enough time feeling bad about what people taught or thought when, really, all of my time would have been much more well spent simply loving God and loving who he made me to be … which includes being a woman who enjoys kinky sex.



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