Eight Miles Wide

So, this song …

The first time I heard it, I was aghast. I don’t know why. Considering the highly erotic and sometimes graphic poems I often pen, you’d think I would not enter the state of aghast watching a video like this. Alas, I did. I must have been in a particularly proper Victorian or catholic mood that night.
The second time I heard it, I couldn’t stop laughing.
The third time I heard it ….
well, my reactions vary but I love this song.
Plus, where else would I have learned the word ‘vigantastically’?

The story behind the video: The singer/songwriter, Storm Large, wanted this song filmed in the whimsical style of a Massengil Douche commercial and a Dr. Pepper commercial. I believe she achieved the desired effect.

Oh, in case you miss it – the sexy red head dancing in the rain and the blonde lounge singer are both Storm.

On a (semi-) serious note, Storm is a fabulous singer. After playing this video for the umpteenth, I did a YouTube search and was amazed at the multitude of gorgeous songs she has performed. A quick trip to iTunes scored one of her albums. I’m glad this naughty, campy video led me to her. Perhaps I will one day enjoy her show in person?

Lyrics found here: http://www.songlyrics.com/storm-large/8-miles-wide-lyrics/

Eight Miles Wide
by Storm Large

all of my life
I’ve never fit
but I won’t complain and I won’t quit
I am enormous
get used to it
everyone tells me I’m too much
maybe it’s just you’re not enough for me
can’t you see
I’m the kind of the woman I’m supposed to be

my vagina is 8 miles wide
absolutely everyone can come inside
if you’re ever frightened just run and hide
my vagina is 8 miles wide

tell me what is womanly to you
strong but not too much of a brute
it’s cool if she’s powerful
but way better if she’s cute
for all of us girls who don’t fit in
I say go Amazonian
you can be a kick-ass bruiser
and be feminine


now I am not loose and I’m not a whore
this is a metaphor for
my super vigantastically mystical feminine goddess core
and I hate it when women make that noise

that we don’t need daddies, men or boys
even the hard-core dykes like
cock-shaped sex toys

my vagina
it’s universal
like a penis
but reversible
come on in, the water’s fine
it’s not my vagina
it’s our vagina

[harmony chorus]
[just the boys]

a big big love
a big big love


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