Foreign Transformation

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 9.03.08 AM

Heart stabs create room.

Foreign objects penetrate.

Transformation starts!


6 thoughts on “Foreign Transformation

    1. orgasmicsecrets Post author

      I was pondering the pain and beauty of transformation and how it affects our emotions and bodies. The dark outer color is where the heart is before penetrated by pain, by feeling. Then shards of light shine in. The red is emotion being felt, being released, being celebrated. The butterflies are representative of the mind and body being renewed in the midst of transformation. The butterflies are the expression of freedom and free flow, of living, of knowing, of being.

      It is a very talkative painting!

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  1. orgasmicsecrets Post author

    Thank you, Sir.

    I will become bolder in time about sharing my work. Baby steps are better than no steps – I hid everything for 15 years! I’m growing.

    Part of the reason for this blog and other spaces I write and share is to experience ‘being seen’ in ways that are somewhat comfortable yet still stretch me. Thanks to you the very first time I shared any artwork outside of my home or this blog was in your recent artists’ showcase. (Although I have given drawings and paintings as gifts for a long time.)

    Your encouragement is a precious gift. Thank you.



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