Wildly I Surrender

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 6.26.39 PM

I cannot be tamed.
Why would you want to tame me?
My surrender is wild and holy, freely given.
Mold me.
Shape me.
Craft me and use me for your pleasure.
Your dominant core is the foundation for my surrender.
I lay my surrender willingly at your feet.
My wildfire dances for your pleasure as you beckon it forth.
Your dominance fans the flame of my wild surrender
making me quake for more of your ferocity as my guide post.
Bend me.
Fill me.
Or leave me still and silent.
This is your choice alone because it is you to whom I surrender.
Even my pleasure only becomes alive because you are pleased first to allow it.
Without your pleasure, my obedience falls like ash
soon lost and scattered in the wind.

It is your surrender that I find most elegant.
How do you do that?
This power-wielding ferocity grows tender once spent,
yet never for a moment do I doubt your authority.

Perhaps, if I search diligently within I will find more to surrender to your service and pleasure.


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