Cloaked and Waiting …

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 9.41.54 AM

Cloaked and waiting.
Naked beneath jasmine-scented linens,
bound legs and arms stretched wide,
I wait.
Pain rolls through my body with orgasmic shivers as companion.
Pale skin welted red from his ministrations and precise focus.

Footsteps echo in the room overhead.
Back and forth,
back and forth
he paces.
Sweat drips down his brow from the efforts bestowed upon me.
With furrowed concentration, he plans the next phase of my
indoctrination into his service, his pleasure.

All I know is his footsteps have suddenly stopped.
I don’t see the lustful glint of power and sly smile,
nor do I know the wicked plan formed in his mind.

I tense in fearful anticipation paired with shivers of hope
knowing it will be a test of my limits in pain service and pleasure.
What has my Sir in store for me?

Then I sigh and relax knowing his ferocity is safe.
His ferocity will cover me and lead me into that peaceful, still space
where I hear only his breath and feel the penetration of his …



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