Crimson Explosion Into Peace

I seldom feel intense anger. I reason things through. Give empathetic understanding and grace. Usually. Tonight, I’m thinking about a recent dispute that enraged me. But through the beauty of using my words (!) and allowing anger to move through me, I didn’t have any residual consequences in my body from the experience. This is a good thing.

Because of a series of life experiences and inculcated training, anger has never been a particularly safe or comfortable emotion for me. I think I may declare myself well and truly able to express and release anger now. 🙂

The poem below is my expression of the experience.

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 8.44.23 PM

Emotional arms swing wide in my thoughts to pummel your stupidity.
Rife with the arrogance of a butt-faced miscreant,
your sneer vapors violate me.

F bombs drop freely.
Rapid fire, laser-focused anger released with unreserved abandon.
Heart rate rapid.
Breathing irregular.
Stomach in knotted splendor.
Shoulders bearing warrior weights.

And then I breathe.
Drop down.
Moving all the pent up then expressed
red-hot anger through and out.

Until we meet again anger …


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