Almost Unknowable

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 12.49.27 AM

Read me.

The history of my heart is written in the sky.
Muted blues and marbled white cascading clouds
sashay from side to side like a young maiden
whose gathered her skirts to run through a meadow.

Touch me.

Purple mountain peaks painted with snowy breasts
and luscious bumps of forest and rock thrust and parry
in the wind.

Hold me.

A tender new fawn escaped too soon from its mother
on wobbly legs. Wide brown eyes waiting, watching,
for your caring strokes to keep me safe ’til she returns.

Know me.

Bursting forth into life. Ruddy cheeks and crimson lips
bruised by your affection. Slender hips with dewy treasure
caressing wantonly against your thigh.

Guide me.

I get lost. At times my strength outpaces me and I need to be
tamed and trained like a wild stallion.

Believe me.

My power is almost unknowable. Almost.
Don’t be afraid of my power.
Link yourself to it bravely and watch our yoked strength
vanquish enemies and conquer new worlds.


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