Lost In Your Essence

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 11.55.23 AM

Midsummer dream comes
unbidden yet vividly true
of that time long ago
when I lost myself in your essence.

Mountain crisp air
with its lingering shiver
competes with your touch.
Soft dark eyes fill up every picture
of the day.

Surrounded by daisies in a meadow
it is only you I see, not the camera.
Leaping from boulder to boulder as we
chase the butterfly and end in a laughing heap
by streamside.
Soft dark eyes penetrate with smiles.

Singing our way down the windy mountain road
with song after song on the radio
weaving magical notes within our car cave.
Smiling side glances whilst driving,
your soft dark eyes caressing my being.

Snuggling in the hammock under starlight,
gazing without words in soft dark pools of light,
soul to soul, loving.

Lost in your essence …


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