Then The Piano Begins

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 10.43.05 PM

The breeze tiptoes on wind currents
loathe to disturb her slumber.
Misty breath of fog strokes her cheek
and gently kisses sleeping lips.

When did she turn inward taking her smile
When did dance leave her feet still?
When did hope slip away like her shadow
on an overcast day?

Then the piano begins.
Tentative notes almost silent yet, somehow,
tickling ears awake, calling her outward.
Eyes flutter open.
She dares not move lest the music stop,
breath held as heartbeats quicken.
Note by note first her soul unfolds
and soon her feet touch the ground.
The gentle curve of a sad smile appears
as remembered hours of ballet drills
swirl through her mind with the piano notes.
Arising with sweet grace her arms glide upward,
swan wings in flight.
Gentle pirouettes and swirls entwine ’round
each note; the swish of light steps
on satiny wood floors;
swan wings e’er in flight.

Then the piano ends.
Swan wings glide downward,
hands resting gently at the end
of still arms.
Lying down with sweet grace
legs are lifted to rest still feet.
Eyes flutter closed as her sad smile
lifts upward in joy remembering ballets
long gone yet knowing present day hope
in a new dance, in a new song.

Then the piano begins …


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