Kilauea, Hawaii

Kilauea, Hawaii

I was going to write about not having anything to write
and then words began to flourish like spring grass.
Before I knew it, an article was done, new chapter outlined,
and the poem river began running!

Where does this endless stream of quippy haiku,
work articles and erotic rawr come from?
I am like an uncapped volcano whose lava
never has time to cool because it keeps
flowing and flowing and flowing.

Incredibly beautiful. Even when my words are awkward
and I am the only reader who finds them inspiring,
the beauty simply grows.
Double entendre? I’m your girl.
Naughty poems that bring blushes and surges?
Yup, I’m still your girl.
Sexy submissive dreams in word wonders?
Need a little ooey gooey love stuff?
You guessed it, I’ll produce.
Some angst? Focused rage? Insightful articles?
Again, got you covered.

What a miracle we have in words!
Universes traveled.
Love made.
Forests appreciated.
Humans honored.
Spankings had.
Children loved.
Subjects elucidated.
God exalted.
More love made.

I think I live in the writer’s unblocked zone!

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