Maybe The Keepers Should Be Fired?

So … I’m not an environmentalist, don’t worship the earth, etc., yet this arises from me this night. Hmm.

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 10.57.23 PM

Would Moon betray this endless day
by not shining down?
Would Wind ignore its silent chore
by blowing past this crazy town?
Would Sun not shine upon my clime
despite unwelcome looks?
Would Earth protest and no longer host
the whiny masses weighing it down?

A dilemma, Dear, is oh so clear
as Nature casts its vote.
Where will we go if They evict
and out it is we go?!
Who will care for us, give us peace,
give us breath, and things to eat?
Maybe we should care about our air,
and water, earth and sky?
Maybe we should bend our knees to God
and figure out what would be right?

The Moon will stay in its place
winking light upon the night.
The Wind will breathe into each new breeze
despite our insipid sighs.
The Sun will shine ignoring well
our spoiled, snarky words.
The Earth will host like Grandpa Walton
ever present, ever close.

The wisdom wise of Nature’s life
surrounds us one and all.
Supported, loved, fed, and held,
we should sing God’s praise for Nature’s days
of tolerance and vision.
Its Nature chained fast and strong
held in man-made prison.

Kiss the Earth.
Love the moon.
Thank God for morning and night.
We are all one
from dusk to dawn,
bathed by the same light.


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