The Warrior Journeys On

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Up from the mud of the soul’s dark night,
I awaken.
Compelled by truth and dawn’s bright light,
I arise.
Stirred by audacious joy bursting forth,
I stand.

In the space of mere moments, the choice is made.
Forward motion of the warrior’s brazen path,
unhindered by fierce winds or adversity,
I move.

Gentleness my greatest strength,
mightier than any sword,
my grace forges pathways
where others have cringed.

I am awake.
I arise freely.
I stand tall.

The Warrior journeys on …


Several years ago, I awakened from a dream and “heard” (in that quiet sense of knowing inwardly): “Sarah wake up; Deborah, arise; Esther, stand.” These are three powerful, spiritual women whose stories I am very familiar with and whom I’ve admired a very long time. It was a powerful spiritual experience which impacts me to this day.

At the time, I was experiencing a severe relational turmoil and beginning to feel hopeless that it would resolve, and, emotionally feeling like God had abandoned me. My head knew that was not true but my heart was having a very difficult time believing God was with me. The dream and the message I received upon awakening carried me through many months of a most devastating experience.

I was thinking of it just now, remembering the beautiful places and painful places of growth, healing and transformation which have shaped my life. “The Warrior Journeys On” unfolded in a few minutes this evening.


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