Tracing my fingertip down the bridge of your nose
I can barely breathe with the nearness of you.

Your neck. I could spend an hour teasing your
neck with nips and kisses and tongue traces.
You shudder as I find the spot that connects
sensation to other parts of your body. Mmmmmmmm.
You shudder with pleasure.

Your beard is rough at day’s end
chafing as my tender lips caress.
The sandpaper sensation sends ripples of
pleasure through me.
Rough hewn surface of Man.

Further down, over your chest,
stopping to tease deep red nipples,
taking gentle bites and hearing your sharp
intake of breath at the sensation.

Caressing downward further still.
Lips and fingertips, exploring.
Loving your belly with my tongue and breath.
Drawing lazy circles on you with tongue tip.

A seductress and innocent.
Here, I feel shy and ravenous,
reverent, and wild.
Your cock and testicles.
Love with touch and tongue?
All for you.


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