Ebony Empress

Silky black beauty.
Ebony empress holds court.
Mice and men beware.

~ haiku dedicated to my newly adopted cat


3 thoughts on “Ebony Empress

  1. C for now

    That you adopted is good.

    That you adopted a black cat is better. (So loving but they have the lowest rate of adoption.)

    Is this animal chipped? If not, please have this done. Contact me if you have questions.

    Also, a belated Merry Christmas to you.


    1. orgasmicsecrets Post author

      Thanks for your feedback, CforNow. A belated Merry Christmas to you as well.

      I purposely adopted a black cat from a shelter knowing their adoption rate was lower. Fortunately, this shelter chips all their animals prior to adoption.


      1. C for now

        Please make SURE that you double check all of the information with the chip (manufacturer) registry. Fill it completely. If there are slots for 4 phone numbers, put numbers for four people, not four numbers for you. Chipping is something I advocate for. Sorry if I seem insistent.


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