Liquid Gold

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I have written several poems while listening to Yurima carress piano keys, particularly this song, “River Flows In You”. My heart softens, my lips turn up in peaceful smile, and my fingers fly on the laptop keyboard. When Yurima plays, I type with eyes closed. Words fly from my fingertips while in my mind’s eye I dance to the liquid piano notes, sometimes with a lover, sometimes alone, but always I dance.

Funny thing: I don’t even care if my poem is good or makes sense when I write to Yurima! I simply feel music and words making love in the air. My heart soars in between the notes, a dove in flight sailing on wind currents for sheer pleasure.

P.S. If you can, let the music video play while you read (posted below) … and dance with me.



Here it comes,
another whisper on the wind,
love drops in.

I feel

The quiet of your heart shouts into my soul
The dance of hearts entwined.
We dance in graceful submission,
fluid as liquid gold.

Then the pause.
Another quiet whisper.
We twirl.
We smile.
We laugh.
We dance, harmonious notes in sync.
The twirl.
The shift.
Flutter of eyelashes,
Downward glance, peeking up from under lashes.
and then a breath,
a happy sigh,

Heart dance.
Faster we spin to the tempo of night and notes.
The magic swirl of piano and hearts entwined.
We glide through time.

Slow down.
Forehead to forehead.
Fluid as liquid gold.


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