The Queen Banishes Fear … or at least wrestles valiantly!

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The Queen Banishes Fear

Aching demand of fear churning within.
Corporeal resistance to expansion,
yet I will expand!

What is fear but created thought and
worry driven largely by loss of the
self’s majestic rightness?

Fearing failure excuses begin to dance
in my core like bees frantic without
their queen.
Guess what? I AM the queen. My own queen.
Bright and lovely, full of grace,
even when flat on my face or eating crow.
What is lovelier than a queen eating crow?

The richness of humor echoes from my belly
upon awakening! Giggles from dream swept
adventures bursting into daybright with
That is me. My own queen.
Fearsome with nurturing power.
A tower of peace in the midst of chaos.
A passionate resister of resistance!

This pervasive thought: How dare I speak to others
about forgiveness when I wrestle with it sometimes
still myself?

Oh, that’s right, I am my own queen.
One who owns her errors and shines her light
like the light of seven days.
Humanity and divinity wrapped into one glorious package.


NOTE: Fear can be so annoying, palpable, crippling.
I’m joining with a friend to teach about forgiveness tomorrow and I’m AFRAID I’m going to freeze up and embarrass one or both of us! History proves me very able to mess up! But I’m changing my personal history and expanding it.

Hey, if I mess up, it will just be fuel for more poems. 🙂 Same for if its awesome. Wish me luck?


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