Because I Can

Who is this sacred one set in repose before me?
What is this fiery energy consuming my darkness
and illuminating the depths of my being with light?
Where is the strand of power emanating from?
When will the next chapter of this journey begin?

Why do I ask so many questions?


Because I can.

Heart wide open,
Womb in full receiving,
and Soul crying out, “MORE!”,
I rise.

A dove on gentle breezes,
I rise with the currents of
light and

An eagle perched in wise abode,
I receive knowledge fueling the journey.

A raven soaring to new heights and strategizing
I see what is often missed and my heart expands
to give it away.

A Redwood in the midst of a grove,
I flourish, firmly planted and
sharing vibrant life energy
with all around me.
Take from my nourishing sap
all that you need.
The supply is endless as
the whole Universe lives
in my womb.

I ask questions because I need to.

I love because I can.

I heal because I am love.



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