I Could Teach …

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 4.39.11 PM

I could teach cutting to a sword*
and softness to velvet.

I could teach wildness to the wind
and gentleness to a cooing dove.

I could teach magic to a wizard
and prayer to a convent of nuns.

Teach me,
Oh Lover of souls, teach me.

Teach me how to breathe when rivers of violence
flood the world with razor-like sensations
that penetrate my heart.
Teach me how to walk straight when obstacles threaten
to destroy my path and lead me on a crooked way.
Teach me humility and wisdom when the arrogance of my own intelligence
interferes with simple common sense.
Teach me to love when it does not make sense
because that very notion makes no sense.

Teach me to BE love, then watch …
All the rough edges begin to soften,
passion climbs to more orgasmic heights,
pain becomes triumph,
and sorrow sinks down until it meets joy to rise.

Teach me to be love.
Teach me to be love.

[poem audio]


*I read this phrase in an Elizabeth Lowell book and it triggered a poetic stream in me. I am often inspired by music, art or the glorious words of another writer or poet.

Art: The picture was found on Pinterest without artist credit.


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