100 Day Challenge

Not my usual topic … but I do have an orgasmic life that includes more than exciting poetry. 🙂

A close friend shared Kyle Cease’s “100-Day Challenge” with me and I’ve decided to take it. A secondary blog is surely to arise from me because of it. Stay tuned for that. Below is his video expression with information. If you join in the 100-day challenge and would like to share that with me via comment below that would be lovely!

100 Day Challenge


One thought on “100 Day Challenge

  1. C for now

    I’ll admit to only watching the first three minutes because (ironically) it’s time to head out but……

    He is identifying our culture as Western and American in particular. This way and condition that he’s speaking of is particular to us and confusing to others. They can’t understand why we don’t see and address the very thing he is speaking of. Relax and enjoy. You will have a much better world.



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