Soul Hungry

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 4.06.25 PM

Soul hungry for change.

As a vibrant fall-colored leaf dancing in the breeze,
I shimmer with the beauty of this moment.
Soaking in the October rain just as the drought
parched land …
and my soul hunger increases.

I want more.

Revel in the sweet scent of rain dampened ground.
Earth aroma perfumes the air from verdant orchards
and wetted flowering fauna …

…and my soul hunger still increases.

Rumors of coming violent winter rains excite.
With the giddiness of a child awaiting Christmas morn,
my soul is hungry,
wide open for change and increase.

Womb furnace devours dross cleansing the chamber…
for more.
The birth of exceedingly abundant love,
healing fire,
and creative genius
shouts “I am here!” on the wind.

I shimmer on the currents of invisible wind.
Breath of all creation consumes me,
moves through me
and lifts ever higher
my hungry soul to receive.



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