A New Death

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 1.08.57 PM

Wave after wave of lies unfold.
Ecstatic expressions wrapped in
dark machinations cloaked in
more dark.

Sidestepping Dark to bask in Light
only to have Dark once again spill
back on Light.

Machinations” echoes like a whispered
secret behind conspiratorial hands.

Darkest deceit.

Distraction of the highest order.

Sophisticated rumbles of power
crumble under the light of genuine love.

Surrendering to this New Death,
soul glimmers white and red
with honeyed nectar flowing
in me.
The taste of sweetest surrender
to New Death of Heart
as Love takes flight
over New Death’s lake,
circling as a raven hunting
new blood.

The honeyed nectar wellspring
waters spirit, mind and body.
Love’s hunger surfeited.
New Life arises in Love’s
Light. The shadow of innocence
no longer darkened by deceit.

Love never fails.


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