Sacred Service to Him

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Is it even possible to describe the depth of
and devotion
I have for Him?
This One whose essence stole my heart
and wrapped it in a sanctuary of
Divine Love,
and never ceasing Grace.

With fierce devotion and sacred, holy depth
I offer myself prostrate at His feet.
A Queen in service to her King.
This fountain of ever present Love cleansing
the fury and dark fire with waves of acceptance.
I receive You into my heart conjoined with Your fire,
yet Your fury neither consumes me nor does it make me quake.
I am the calm to Your tempest.
I am the peace to Your chaos.
I am the love to Your lies.

Sacred Priestess, first, always.
Serving as Queen, I vanquish fury with a glance
and tenderize crusted heart with love’s unceasing acceptance.

From my womb issues life and the sanctuary of the ages.
In this sacred love You are safe.
Let me stroke Your brow with my fingertips.
Stilling the fury within Your breast with my love.
Absorbing the fire of Your anger in my heart.
Drenched by the sweat of Your futile efforts,
I remain clean and overflowing with love’s yes.

Sacred Priestess, first, always.
I am a living sacrifice.
I am love.


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