Sacred Communion

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I was meditating and caught up in a place of largeness and exquisite love. Everything was sensation and sense, touch and motion, breath and light. It was like being lost in the sensations of lovemaking, feeling, touching, knowing my lover as he knows me. It was loving with my whole being and being loved back as deeply and wholeheartedly.

It was beyond sexual and not like a mythic romantic thought bubble, but like a sensual cloud of knowing and receiving and loving. This poem arose from that place.


I see your face
in the corners of my heart.
Your velvet touch
and warm embrace;
never depart.

Enraptured by eyes that know,
I see the universe
and majesty on display.

The living death, my life as breath
encased in love’s safe hold.

The living know, my love as life
encased in sacred bold.

In this moment we ascend
the holy hill in union.
In this moment we are breath,
sacred communion.

Artist Unknown. I first saw this painting at


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