Here We Love

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 7.19.39 PM

In Your breath no part of my heart is wasted.
This soul surrender lifts me higher than the Sun
and drops me lower than Earth’s center.

In Divine love, my heart shimmers like
water diamonds glimmer on Ocean top
from Sun’s steady gaze.

Your vibrant hold clasps my heart within Yours
until the last drop of fear descends and
only brightest Love remains.

Surrendered at Your feet I am sifted
by Your wisdom,
and sacred yes.

Power and Love surges from my womb
roaring like a Lioness returning to the pride.
Your breath caresses me steadfast in heart.
My womb renders love to Your soul.

Here, we soar captured on Wind’s currents
and free in Sky’s abode.



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