Seductive Surrender

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 12.26.44 PM

Luscious satin ribbons and cuffs
secure my worshipping body at Your feet.
An offering of passion and service emanates
from my eyes stroking Your heart and cock
in steadfast wicked gaze as resolute as it is
graceful with ‘yes’ to fill Your needs.
Pulsating passion drips from my sacred spot as my
openings anticipate being impaled by You.
Your cock.
Your fingers.
Your tongue.
Your …. whatever You desire.
Transfixed and transported to sacred


One thought on “Seductive Surrender

  1. Pimpf

    Reblogged this on Sensual Drift and commented:
    anyone could surrender easily to that and at least to those sweet words 🙂 enjoy some more at Orgasmic Secrets of a Christian Goddess blog



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