Craving to Serve & Obey

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 9.27.25 AM

Contemplating the curve of Your cock as it moves toward my mouth.
Throbbing veins of rigid wonder ready to be kissed, tasted, licked and sucked.
Your hard cock pulsing in my hands as I look into Your eyes and sweetly
contemplate the service of Your pleasure.
Sometimes Your pleasure is best served on my knees with mouth serving You.
Sometimes Your pleasure is best served with cock buried in Your slut’s ass or cunt.

What is Your pleasure today?

Has it been the kind of day that calls for gentle strokes
on Your face and kissing nuzzles along Your neck and jaw? My lips and fingertips teasing the tension from Your face?

Has it been the kind of day You need to angrily fuck me until the storm inside gives way and You simply enjoy filling the holes of Your slut?

What is Your pleasure, Master?

Would it give You pleasure to have a bath drawn and for Your slut to wash You and massage You head to toe?

It is my deepest craving to give You pleasure, relief, release, lustful joy and wicked happiness. My pleasure derives from Your pleasure. My pleasure derives from the shelter of Your arms and the safe harbour my heart finds in a world which can be painful and challenging …. yet full of wondrous mysteries yet to be explored. My pleasure comes from thinking about these things while my tongue is buried in Your ass and my hands stroke Your cock knowing when You are ready and desirous it will be buried in me once again.


7 thoughts on “Craving to Serve & Obey

    1. orgasmicsecrets Post author

      Thanks, DaveFan. I became lost in the passion as I wrote and my fingertips found the keys with no conscious effort. My passionate heart spilled out. Love and service is never halfway for me. Humility, power, love, lust, passion and humor all swirl around in one open offering to Him.



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