One is Complete, Two is More

There is something about this piece of music that ministers to my soul no matter what my mood. Tonight, I am somber, reflective, sad and even feeling a bit lost. This too shall pass. Last week when I heard this song, joy welled up in my heart and I danced in my living room. Exquisite beauty flows from his finger tips as the piano sings and my heart is stroked as if by angels’ wings. My tears are caught, my laughter enjoyed, and my life valued. Tonight, I feel at once loved and lost. Alone but never forsaken.


Vessels of sensate no
intrude upon reluctant fires
clearing way to heart’s yes.

Willing know upon strangled no
brings yes to lovers hold.
Could strangers fire burn this bright?
Maybe for some, but not this light.

Dimmest dark to brightest hope
electrifies time’s passage
for entwined souls seared
in flesh fires, made whole.

One is complete, yet two is more.
One is complete, yet two is more.


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