Oh My!

Welcome to my blog.  A great place to read about juicy orgasms and the secret life of an orgasmic Christian woman.  Here I share shameless expressions of love, sex, erotic energy, fantasies meeting reality, and whatever else my sexually empowered mind comes up with.

Why ‘secret’?  It’s a very sad truth that ‘the Church’ and Christian culture in general makes talk of sex, body image, masturbation and such a thing to be ashamed of or only talked about in hush-hush terms.  We are taught that natural urges (like the sexy morning wake-up masturbation) are sinful.  Under the cloak of anonymity, I am free to share without inhibition or fear of reprisals or rejection.

I don’t fault fellow Christians for their attitudes, just as I don’t fault American culture in general.  We tend to regurgitate what the generation before us taught and what the culture of today allows.

But it’s not good enough for me.

I enjoy getting away with public naughtiness under the nose of strangers.





Mmmmmmmmm ….


7 thoughts on “Oh My!

  1. Backpacker

    I love that you have this forum to express yourself without the judgement of your Christian peers. I’ll be honest with you, it’s incredibly sexy knowing that you have these secret desires. And the thought of you being naughty in public is insanely sexy. Would love to hear more about your secret public adventures…

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  2. orgasmicsecrets Post author

    LOL! Oh, Baclkpacker, for some reason I have the playful feeling of wanting to say “I do not kiss and tell” yet this contradicts the nature of my blog!

    The short answer is: of course! And I loved every orgasmic, naughty minute of it.



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